What Is JNN?

J.N.N. (Jita News Network) is a the latest comer to the “Space-News” space. So to speak. In this post we’d like to outline our goals, as well as who we are in this post.


JNN is an independent news source for CSM elections, Balance Changes, and Beyond. Our goals are to both create and facilitate as follows.

“Create” – We will attempt to create content both written and live-streamed that create constructive discussion about the changes in EVE Online. We will make every attempt to expose our viewers to every reasonable view-point available while making no attempts to hide our own view-points.

“Facilitate” – We will attempt to create a digital space that will allow anyone to have a voice with-in reason. We expect the moderation of the space to vastly be left up to those individuals inside the community who prove themselves of keen-intellect and of a thoughtful disposition.

In short this space is for sharing stories and conversation. With a specific focus put on debate in a moderated format.

Who We are

At the time of the post our staff is pretty small but below you’ll find names and descriptions of the founding members and their responsibilities.

DTM135 – Head Editor and Host
“I hope we can create a space where the hard to understand concepts inside of this game as well as the mounds of mundane information can be shown in an interesting and compelling way”

ThatGuyToxic – Livestream Coordinator
“I know I’m British and sound like squishy But, I swear I’m NOT squishy. :)”

Alstromerria – Copy Editor
“What Is a “utu”?”

Shoopzilla – Head of Moderation
“have you checked the forums?..”

404HD – Head Columnist
“Mom I got a job.”

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