Laelaps: Small Gang Interview

It’s lunchtime for me in America as I sit down at my computer and join Monsters Reborn coms and I’m greeted by Grim Reaper Knight. He’s the Turkish leader of Monster’s with a thick accent that reminds me of a turkish godfather, Though that might just be personal taste. Joined in coms with him is his partners in crime Astra and Sixty Ever4.

Sixty Ever4

Grim Reaper Knight

Astra Voss

“Did the Laelaps just show up? or how did that happen?

“We fought them on the gate, then we saw a spike in local, So we warped at range to the outbound gate. We dropped a bubble, and suddenly the blob lands and in the midst of them I spot the Laelaps. I remember saying on coms. “Dude there is a Laelaps there. Him, we’re gonna get. Just wait for him to ram”” – Grim

“What was it like the moment you guys realized it was a Laelaps?”

“I got to say the boys were pretty focused, pretty much silence and focus on the task at hand “-Grim

“I think our gang was really calm, and the way we dealt with it was really good considering what was on grid”- Sixty

“What else was on grid there?”

“Like six Vedmaks, Huginn, Lach, and two Astartes.”- Sixty

“Astra what was your main concern being in a small ship like the Keres?”

“Keeping point on the nightmare, I was also afraid the Huginn would web the Nightmare. So I made sure I held point on the Laelaps and damps on the Huginn.”- Astra

“What happened after that?

“We started burning off the gate. The Laelaps went full sail in on the nightmare. I brought my Drek in and he scrammed me off a few times. He was quick at scramming, and was able to keep vedmak off too.” – Grim

“Was it faster than your gang?

“I wasn’t faster than it in my keres if I remember correctly. He started turning back in towards his gang. So I actually burned back towards it. Sixty then hero MJD’d onto the Laelaps.” – Astra

“Sixty, What was it like when you MJD’d onto the Laelaps?”

“I was 30-40 kilometers off him, blasting him with conflag, He burnt away a bit so I only got a couple cycles off before I had to switch to scorch. He could scram me back, but it didn’t matter because I was in a nightmare.” – Sixty

“What did you think about the fit

“It had a medium shield booster with a 50mn. Which isn’t as strong as the medium shield booster with a 100mn. If he was 100mn odds are he would’ve survived longer at least.” – Sixty

“Did you guys lose anything in the fight?”

“My Nightmare, with a Bill point”- Sixty

“We also lost my Keres, But that’s what great about this. We had to work for it. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t ridiculous hard either.” – Astra

“Do You guys have anything else you want to say?”

“I Don’t think this would’ve happened without Sixty’s Hero MJD, it was a team effort but he was the star” – Grim

“Another thing, If you’re a small gang, Look at this kill and remember not to give up. Don’t stop, we can get kills like this.” – Grim

“Props to that guy for bringing and AT ship instead of just undocking it when you only have like 60 friends.” – Sixty

“Stop just selling AT Ships, Just F***ing Undock them” – Astra

Over all a story of triumph for this small gang, We hope you guys enjoyed this little peak into how a kill like this happens.

Fly Safe Space Cowboys.

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