Caldari state undoing recent Gallente gains

After the previous fall Aldranette to Caldari forces and its surrounding systems just before the ship caster event, the Gallente militia appeared all but defeated on that front with Sedition in turmoil. However just a month or two later, Sedition was back and they meant business.

They made rapid progress recapping the northern front capturing the cluster around Vlillier again, and Alparena to Aldranette in a truly impressive blitz. Mercomesier and Athounon held strong for a while thanks mainly to the heroic efforts of Nina, a character with many alts, who plexes relentlessly and annoyed Sedition leadership so much they offered a reward for every killmail on one of this characters. However despite Nina’s efforts, when sedition chose to focus on Mercomesier and Athounon they were impossible to hold back, even in the AU timezone where Sedition is usually the weakest. Mercomesier fell Athounon followed shortly after as Calmil rushed to evacuate what they could from Mecomesier and the special gate from Samanuni to Athounon shut down.

UCSC, the largest Calmil alliance operating in the area was also undergoing some internal difficulties and it seemed that Sedition would be unstoppable. But then the progress stalled. Sedition failed to capture Nennamalia, the home of the UCSC alliance (despite the internal turmoil) or Eha, the home of Mercury Arms.

Once again a stalemate was reached in Aldranette but a new hope appeared – the Athounon system had remained a frontline, despite the gate shutting down, and Calmil were operating there. Eventually Calmil was able to retake the system, Nina had managed to stay there and had paid for docking access to a neutral station in the system, allowing him to continue his relentless plexing.

Soon after the Athounon system was captured and the gate reopened the Calmil counteroffensive began and Calmil are currently making rapid gains in the area, undoing the work of Sedition Evaulon is hotly contested at the time of writing, with Calmil capture progress rapidly approaching 90%, and once that falls, Aldranette will have two Calmil systems bordering it again.

Meanwhile on the other front Caldari are also making gains having recently broken Sujarento after two months of fighting.

Will Calmil be able to retake Aldranette as quickly as they have the other systems or will it become a stalemate again like previously? Will Sedition be able to undo Calmil gains or will Calmil once again effectively take control of that part of the warzone? Pings are going out for organized fleets almost continuously, Calmil mean business.

This is Rico Shikkoken reporting from the Caldari frontline for JNN!

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